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An apprentice is someone employed to do a real job whilst studying for a formal qualification.

By the end of your apprenticeship, you'll have gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to either succeed in your chosen career or progress onto the next apprenticeship level.

Apprenticeships are a great choice for anyone who is looking to get straight into earning a wage whilst working towards a qualification. 


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We work with over 1,200 local businesses to find you the best apprenticeship opportunities.

With new vacancies added each week, see which roles are available today or subscribe to vacancy alerts to get notified when new opportunities come up.


For over 30 years we've been helping young people to gain jobs and progress in their careers. 

We are the largest independent training provider in Stoke-on-Trent. That’s right, we know our stuff. With a team of experts to guide you every step of the way, we'll work with you to build skills around your interests and move onto your apprenticeship.

You can progress as quickly as you need to. If you need a little bit more time, don't worry. Our programmes are built to work with you, providing loads of additional support and benefits. Plus, we know some really good employers in the local area, so can get you matched to an employer making your move onto an apprenticeship as smooth as possible.

See why you should choose Achieve Training as your next step.


Becoming an apprentice is an exciting journey!

You may start you're journey from a pre-apprenticeship or we may be able to place you straight into an apprenticeship role with a local employer. 

You'll be able to sample some of the great benefits from being at Achieve Training from our canteen facilities at both our training centres with affordable breakfast and lunch options - learners also get free breakfasts. We have smaller class sizes, amazing mental health support, very friendly and approachable staff members and so much more!


Who are apprenticeships for?

Apprenticeships are for anyone who wants to kick-start their career into employment faster. You will be able to earn a wage whilst also working towards a qualification. You will need your Maths and English GCSE at a minimum of a grade 4 to be able to progress onto an apprenticeship. If you don't achieve this at school you can get support in these areas once you're signed up. 

What wage can I expect on an apprenticeship?

The minimum wage for an apprentice is now £4.81 as of April 2022. Depending on your age and how far into your apprenticeship you are, this may differ. Depending on your working hours apprentices can expect a monthly wage from £680 per month.

Can girls become apprentices in construction?

Absolutely! We do not discriminate anyone at Achieve Training and we get everyone who signs up to get stuck into our taster sessions so you can try out different sectors and see what you like.  

I don't like exams, will I have to do these on an apprenticeship?

Don't worry, we don't like exams either! Your apprenticeship will consist of time spent with your employer and coursework to complete your qualification. The only time you will come across exams are if you have to complete your Maths and English in centre or if you need a CSCS card to work on-site. But you will be fully supported with these. 


Depending on your age and contracted hours, the average apprentice will earn over £680 per month. That's a minimum of £8,160 per year. If you were studying for a BTEC, A Levels or going to University you would struggle to earn that type of money around your studies. 

Being an apprentice means you can be earning a wage straight away, you can work at your own pace learning your trade or chosen profession and get your foot in the door with an employer. 

University can still be an option for you with an apprenticeship, but you can do a university equivalent apprenticeship qualification with an employer which can save you thousands of pounds! Winner!


On your journey to become an apprentice, it's important to know you're not on your own. Your assigned personal development coach will be on hand if you need them, but we also have mental health support available and a variety of workshops and health sessions available if needed. 

If you need access to any further support check out our advice and support section. 

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 28th April 2022

Manufacturing Apprenticeship Success with Zara Hale at Churchill China

Zara Hale, 18, from Biddulph in Stoke-On-Trent, is currently exceeding expectations at Churchill China working in the Stone Casting department as an apprentice. Zara started her journey on the construction skills pre-apprenticeship programme with Achieve Training after realising college was not for her. 

  • Reading Time: 4 Minutes
  • 21st April 2022

From Apprentice to Management : A success story with Nicola Hudson

Nicola Hudson, 29, from Stoke-on-Trent, has been on an incredible journey with Achieve Training. As we celebrate 40 years in business, Nicola's journey has gone full circle, from first starting as an apprentice, to excelling and becoming a Wellbeing Development Manager in her role today - 10 years after she first joined the company. This is her story in her own words.

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 28th February 2022

Maintenance Operations success with Harry Brammer

Congratulations to Harry Brammer for achieving a Distinction in his Level 2 Maintenance Operations Apprenticeship (which is now known as Property Maintenance Level 2).

  • Reading Time: 3 Minutes
  • 17th February 2022

From Business Skills to Business Administration Apprenticeship

Benjamin Mellor, 17, from Bignall End, Stoke-On-Trent is currently excelling his business skills at LA International in Trentham as a Business Administration Level 3 Apprentice. Just months into his apprenticeship journey with Achieve Training, Ben is already getting recognised by his team members since starting in November 2021 at LA International working alongside the Security and Data Input team.    

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 6th February 2022

Fast-track Success with Lewis Whitehurst at Holdcroft Heating

Lewis Whitehurst, 16 from Baddeley Green, Stoke-on-Trent is currently exceeding on his journey as a Level 3 gas engineering apprentice just months into his journey at Achieve Training. Lewis is currently working closely alongside the team at Holdcroft Heating in Burslem embarking on a fantastic career servicing boilers, water heaters, breakdowns, fitting fireplaces and practicing brickwork and plastering.

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 26th November 2021

Dylan Warren, From Apprentice to Tutor at Achieve Training

Dylan Warren, 27, has come full circle returning to Achieve Training as a Joinery Tutor. Having loved his experience so much as a teenager, Dylan wanted to give other young people the skills and same inspiring experience he had on his career journey. 


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