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Ben Mellor-1Benjamin Mellor, 17, from Bignall End, Stoke-On-Trent is currently excelling his business skills at LA International in Trentham as a Business Administration Level 3 Apprentice.

Just months into his apprenticeship journey with Achieve Training, Ben is already getting recognised by his team members since starting in November 2021 at LA International working alongside the Security and Data Input team.  


How Ben Started his Journey

Ben explains: "I started the Business Skills Programme with Achieve Training on the 2nd of August 2021. This has helped me develop my knowledge and skills within the business area. It has been great to gain a realistic understanding of what it is like in the workplace. Completing this programme helps find an area of work that is right for you putting into consideration the strengths and interests you have. During the programme you learn and gain experience of multiple business administration and customer service skills, which provides significant help when you do start in the workplace. These are things like interviewing skills, speaking on the phone, how to send a formal email, business documents, and writing letters."

Why I chose the Business Skills Programme

Ben continues: "The Business Skills programme is perfect for people who want to get prepared and gain experience quickly for the working world. My experience with Joanne Evans on the course was extremely supportive and helpful, there is a lot of effort put into the course by Jo and the members at Achieve Training to make sure you progress to your full potential. There was always a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere in the training room, which made it a brilliant place to learn and communicate together as a team."

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Entering the working world

Ben completed a work trial first at Achieve Training working with the recruitment team.  During the trial they were extremely supportive in making sure he always had something to do and always helped him to find a way to improve in the job.

Ben continues " This trial helped me gain extra skills and made me find an area I am happy to be perusing in the future. Once I had completed my work trial at Achieve Training, I found a position that I was extremely interested in at LA International. During my work trial I developed a great understanding of different skills and abilities which helped me progress a huge amount in my role. Everyone at LA is extremely helpful and patient, making it a great family-like team. The main thing that made me feel comfortable was having a work trial, to see if I enjoyed it and if you did not enjoy it, you were not fixed to that position and had to stay there. Even though this did not happen to me, it was great to know that if I was not sure about the role".

Part of the team

Patricia Rutter - Security and data input Team Leader at LA International. said: "It is the first time, we had ever had someone of Ben’s age working with us, he settled in very quickly and soon became very much part of our Team. Considering that he has not had much previous experience in the work environment he has shown a willingness to learn and displays maturity beyond his years, together with an enthusiastic sense of humour!"

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Securing a Permanent Position  

Ben has now achieved a offered a permanent employment contract with LA international and the team were delighted he accepted. He has continued to develop and learn new tasks and is always ready and willing to assist on adhoc tasks, at a moment’s notice, whenever required.  Ben is now a valued member of the security and data input team and regularly interacts and communicates with other areas of Business. 

If you'd like to follow in Ben's footsteps - check out our pre-apprenticeship programme in Business Skills here to learn more about your learning lauchpad to an apprenticeship.

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