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Our social value model over the past 4 years, has returned £7.80 per £1 spent. This positive value is in recognition of both the support provided to elderly and vulnerable council tenants as well as savings made to public bodies in reducing social care, anti-social behaviour and criminal justice costs, training for young people, and their positive progression into employment with local businesses. 

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£7.80 social return
for every £1 spent


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Over 492 apprenticeships
created since 2011

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86% progression rate
into sustained employment


Since 2011, we have been working with Stoke-on-Trent City Council resulting in over 492 young people aged 16-18 progressing into sustained employment in the city as a result of learning new trade skills 

The service is built upon a structured training programme specifically designed for young people leaving school with few or no qualifications, (NEET) & those at risk of becoming NEET

Working alongside, qualified, trade Supervisors and Tutors, a range of services including grounds maintenance, painting and decorating, carpeting and aids and adaptations are carried out for vulnerable residents. 


Strategic Manager - Commercial Development 

“We appointed PM Training, now Achieve Training,  following a competitive tender process based on a balance between price and social value.

Achieve Training’s social value response was exemplary. They set out very clearly what the long-term benefits would be to both the young people and the City as a whole."

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 26th November 2021

Dylan Warren, From Apprentice to Tutor at Achieve Training

Dylan Warren, 27, has come full circle returning to Achieve Training as a Joinery Tutor. Having loved his experience so much as a teenager, Dylan wanted to give other young people the skills and same inspiring experience he had on his career journey. 

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 29th July 2021

Becoming a Bricklaying Apprentice with Louis Hay

Louis Hay, 19 from Meir is steaming ahead towards success on his final year of his Level 2 bricklaying apprenticeship. Having recently become a dad, he is looking forward to prepare for his future as a self-employed bricklayer to support his family.

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 20th May 2021

Gas Engineering Success with Matt Forrester

Matt Forrester, 22 from Tunstall, is excelling in his career since becoming a gas and plumbing apprentice. But it wasn't always so easy. He was unsure what to do when leaving school, and with advice from careers advisors and friends, his options weren't clear.

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 20th December 2020

From Apprentice to Full-Time Employment Success with Taylor Downing

Congratulations to Taylor Downing, Apprenticeship Assistant at Keele University, who has achieved Distinctions in her Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship scoring full marks in two of her projects.

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 4th December 2020

Gas Engineering Success with Melissa Hart

Melissa Hart, 23 of Walsall proudly supports women progressing into gas engineering roles. Having left school with the blessing of her first child, Mel's start to her career took a rather different turn. 

  • Reading Time: 2 Minutes
  • 24th November 2020

Join us for The Housing Apprenticeships Conference!

Are you a housing apprentice? If so this could be the perfect opportunity to meet our housing tutors Julie and Catherine alongside members of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) for some amazing top tips on wellbeing! 


If you’re looking for more information, need to talk to someone about an enquiry or want to chat about your service needs, then please fill in our short form and a member of our team will be in touch.