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If you require the services of the Wellbeing support team, please complete the online form below. Our in-house counsellor will treat every referral with the strictest confidence and will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Fill in our MHST referral form here. 


Whether you are an apprentice or a learner at Achieve Training, it’s super important to know you have support from everyone here when you need it. If you need help with anything at all, all our staff members will be able to direct you to the best help and support we can offer you. Take a look at some of our support systems here:


NHS Mental Health Support Team

We are very lucky to be working with the NHS Mental Health Support Team in centre, you can get referred onto this service using the downloadable form above or pop into Learner Services and speak to one of the team who are always happy to help!



Learners from Achieve Training now have access to a counsellor, with a wide variety of support options to help them in their day-to-day lives. Leanne Duthie will be working closely with learners to provide a trusting, humanistic approach to mental health counselling.

Leanne offers a compassionate ear, listening without judgement, allowing learners to take the lead in discussions. She offers them the chance to discover their own solutions by supporting and encouraging them throughout the process.

Learners can get between six to eight counselling sessions. There are a variety of different ways learners can follow on after these sessions, from being introduced to calming apps, mindfulness, breathing exercises and being signposted to other organisations for support.

We have recently introduced our very own Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador, Celeste Green who will be working alongside Leanne to signpost learners who may need more help or she will be there simply for a chat!

This counselling service is completely free to learners at Achieve Training and is funded by Realise charity.


Togetherall is a new anonymous platform where you can log in from home or in centre. This service is free of charge for all our learners and apprentices and is a great platform for you to get help and advice using forums and you can even talk to people who may be going through the same things as you.



Sexual Health

Did you know, you can get free condoms with your C-Card? Speak to a member of learner services to get your free C-Card. You can use your card across a range of venues in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffs.

For information on where to use/register for a C-Card, all Sexual Health Services, and advice around STIs and Contraception, please visit

Emergency contraception can also be accessed at pharmacies and sexual health services.

The main sexual health clinic in Stoke-on-Trent is at Cobridge Community Health Centre.

Please note that currently, clinics are not running a walk-in service, due to Covid-19. Call the team on 0300 7900 165 to ask about appointments, or how to access services at this time.

If you need sexual health testing, you can order a free STI testing kit online via SH:24. The kits are discreetly packaged and are free to post back. In most areas around Stoke-on-Trent this service is free but please be aware this may not be the case for all areas.

This is a great option if you are unable to travel to a clinic for testing.

To use the SH:24 service click here 

For LGBT+ specific support, please visit




Maintaining healthy relationships with people you trust is important for your mental wellbeing. Think about how you can stay in touch with friends and family while you are at home – by phone, messaging, video calls or online – whether it’s people you usually see often, or reconnecting with old friends or neighbours.

Lots of people are finding the current situation difficult, so staying in touch could help them too.



Our physical health really affects how we feel. Try to make sure you and your family eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink enough water and exercise regularly.

Get outside for a walk or a run if you can, try something new like yoga or mindfulness, or try one of the many home-workout videos available online:


Talk about your worries-It is quite common to feel worried, scared or helpless about the current situation. Remember, it is OK to share your concerns with others you trust – doing so could help them too. Or you could try a charity helpline or webchat.

Stay on top of difficult feelings-Concern about the coronavirus outbreak is perfectly normal. However, some people may experience intense anxiety that can affect their day-to-day life.

Try to focus on the things you can control, such as how you act, who you speak to and where you get information from.

It’s fine to acknowledge that some things are outside of your control, but if constant thoughts about the situation are making you feel anxious or overwhelmed, there are some things you can try to help manage your anxiety, like listen to a mental wellbeing audio guide.


Carry on doing things you enjoy-If we are feeling worried, anxious, lonely or low, we may stop doing things we usually enjoy.

Make an effort to focus on your favourite hobby if it is something you can still do at home. If not, picking something new to learn at home might help – there are lots of ideas online.

New language:



People who enjoy giving have improved their mental health and wellbeing, this can be in many ways including the following:

Give a compliment, encouragement, smile.

Helping others, picking up prescriptions, food and essential items.

Give your time, help out or volunteer.


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