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Online search is growing more in popularity day by day through the use of mobiles and voice search,  and so has the need for Digital Marketing. If you are not actively trying to stay ahead of the curve, then you may end up being left behind. Did you know that a providing team members with Digital Marketing knowledge could help your business grow?

In this blog, we explore the Top 5 benefits and core knowledge that digital marketing apprenticeships can bring to your business. 

Ultimately, it is vital for you to hire people who are creative as well as upskilling those who are able to push the boundaries of the strategies you have now within a marketing role. 

1. Help to grow your social media presence  

Someone with Digital Marketing skills could help you to increase your online presence, by keeping your social media channels up to date, informative and trending. They can also create posts that help you to stand out from the crowd, by using their creative energy to guarantee results. From Twitter to Facebook, YouTube and TikTok, these social media platforms are being used every day by target audiences. If you want to make sure that you have a good audience then you should be capitalising on these sites as much as possible.

The days when you could make one simple post to cover your bases for your social media is behind us. Now it is imperative that you are across multiple social media platforms that fit your business, and that you invest in your campaigns as much as your business. 

2. Increase your search presence 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an essential element to any marketing strategy - and how it works is embedded within a digital marketing apprenticeship. It doesn’t even matter if you are taking care of it all yourself or whether you are choosing to outsource it to an agency, having an understanding of how to produce relevant content that is keyword rich and being viewed by the right audience is key. By hiring an apprentice or upskilling existing staff, you can have a team member dedicated to creating content that has an edge. By using their new skills, knowledge and behaviours, you may find that you can expand on the campaigns that you already have while also creating new campaigns that go on to benefit your company.

Find out more about the Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

3. Harness email marketing

Email marketing is still a very effective way for you to grow your business. It also helps you to advertise both your products and your services. Technology gives you the chance to see not just who, but what your clients have clicked and when. If you grow the skillset of your teams, then you can harness this knowledge to create email marketing campaigns and lead generation activity.

4. Help you to stand out from the crowd 

Standing out from the crowd is important if you are working within a saturated market. Studies have shown that over 50% of the content online is video-based. If you do not have a strategy that helps you to utilise video, then you are certainly missing out. Taking someone on to help you with your digital video content creation or supporting an existing member of staff with training, could help you to improve your online presence and it could help you to get the edge over your competition. This is a fantastic way for you to not only make sure that you are capitalising on leads but you can make sure that you are steadily generating brand awareness and new leads that will continue to fuel your bottom line.

5. Increase leads through paid content 

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising has drastically changed the way that companies advertise online. It affects whom you target and how you target them. PPC understanding is a key element of the digital marketing apprenticeship. IT provides knowledge and best practice on how to set budgets, targeting and copy writing. When you hire a marketing apprentice or upskill existing staff, you will have someone who is well-versed in things like this, and you can also feel confident knowing that you have all of their skills at your disposal. You also know that you are building on the marketing campaign you have now without breaking the bank.

So, upskilling digital marketing knowledge could benefit your company in more ways than one. Why not get in touch with our team to take advantage of low cost apprenticeship training which is up to 95% government funded.

Download our Guide to Digital Apprenticeships to find out more.

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