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Stress. We've all experienced it at one point or another and it can be really frustrating. However, there are loads of ways you can manage it!

Tackle your lockdown stress using our suggestions:


Sometimes being active is always the best therapy. Just going for a walk for 10-15 minutes can really help to clear your head. So grab the dogs lead and enjoy some fresh air! 

Take a break

This is so important and many people who work don't take their breaks like they should. Ensure you are coming away from your working area regularly whether that be to make a drink or even just to stretch your legs. This does also apply for anyone working in areas like construction, be sure to walk round or spend your allocated dinner break away from your work area. 

Take time out for yourself 

Take some 'me time'. Do what makes you happy. Why not watch a film or order a take away? Sometimes by just sitting back and really relaxing can be a huge help in times of stress. 

Seek support 

Sometimes it's a good idea to identify exactly what's causing you to feel stressed. At PM Training all our staff members are here to help. You can speak to your case worker, ring us on 01782 279121 or even message us on Live Chat on our website. You can come to us with any issues.


You can manage stress using our FREE mental health support system, Togetherall. Remember, all our learners and apprentices have access and it's super easy to sign up! You can get support for pretty much any area on Togetherall so it's well worth a look. It's also completely anonymous.  

We know it's hard at the moment and mental health is something that's really important. If you feel like you need more support with your mental health you can see our page here. 


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