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Do young people really have to go to University? With the options laid out; the pathway choices for school leavers can be quite surprising.

"You HAVE to go to University"

Quite often young people are encouraged down specific paths of education, perhaps based on family history or their peers. At the end of school, the words 'College and University' tend to crop up a lot more than 'Apprenticeships' - but over recent years this is changing for the better.

This split often creates a lot of uncertainty about what school leavers can do in the future and where their choices lie.

Not everyone knows what they want to do when they have finished school. Some will have a clear path whilst others will need to explore all the options available to make an informed decision.

 College, University, Apprenticeships - What is actually the best path to take?

Often, University isn't always the appropriate choice. It all depending on what you want to do. The best advice is the look at the variety of options available. 

The stigma of feeling you have to go to University is changing. There are so many opportunities.

The key is to never feel pushed or pressured into doing something you are not comfortable with. You may find depending on your academic success, you could be encouraged to go into College then onto University. But the truth is, there are other options you could look at which include Apprenticeships, Traineeships and school leaver courses. 

Changing the perception of apprenticeships

40% of apprenticeships during 2016/17 were at Advanced LEvel with 7% at Higher Level. The number of Higher Level starts has almost doubled in the last two years......

A study was conducted by the The Sutton Trust along with the publisher Pearson, commissioned a series of surveys into apprenticeships covering 2,796 pupils, 1,728 adults and 1,163 teachers. This was publicized by the Telegraph is 2014.

This study told us that often, teachers can feel oblidged to encourage students to progress to University as success rates and academic progress are something Schools and Colleges look positvely towards.

However, this does not mean you cannot be successful in an apprenticeship or learner program!

Apprenticeships, traineeships and school leaver courses are a brilliant way for people to jump straight into a work based learning program to help develop skills and knowledge to really prepare themselves for working life.

So essentially, you may choose to go down the University route or get on an apprenticeship or traineeship program that allows you get paid, learn skills and even progress so far as to get a degree through your job. There are so many apprenticeship vacancies in the local area alone!

So when you are choosing your future career path, remember there are  a variety of options to choose from that can adhere to your learning style. It's your choice, do what suits you. 

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