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Please take time to read the information within the below PDF Application Form.  The information should answer any questions you may have regarding eligibility and application for the bursary.


Once you have downloaded the Bursary Application Form, completed all the questions and re-saved it as a PDF. Please complete the below form whilst also uploading your application form and evidence. It is important to note that we will not be able to process your application quickly without the relevant evidence as specified within the application form.


Do I need to re-apply?

Learners need to re-apply at the start of each academic year (August).

Learners can re-apply if there is a change of circumstances for example was not originally entitled to bursary but due to a change in household now has evidence to support bursary claim.

Applications will be accepted at any time throughout the programme, however we are unable to backdate a claim for more than 4 weeks (on the proviso that all criteria are met).

Learners are required to disclose any changes in circumstances whether they are personal, financial or educational that would make them ineligible for funding. Failure to do so may make students liable for the cost of the funding that they have already received.