There is a lot to think about when it comes to school leaver options and what is best for your child. There is a mis-understanding around the options for school leavers due to young people staying in education or training until they are aged 18 years old.

As a result, the importance of either continuing to sixth form or college is talked about a lot with apprenticeships referred to as a secondary option for those who did not receive the grades they had hoped for. This is changing.

Apprenticeships offer opportunities to earn and learn and provide businesses with their future workforce. If your son/daughter tends to learn better in a practical environment rather than in the classroom, an apprenticeship could be perfect for them.

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PM Training learners and apprentices receive ‘Ofsted Grade 2’ training and development with outstanding additional support, financial help and a growth network that leads to 90% of apprentices having employment at the end of their apprenticeship.

"Apprentices benefit from well-planned practical sessions and develop a high standard of vocational skills."

Ofsted 2018

What is an apprenticeship? 

Essentially, an Apprenticeship is a full time job, combined with training and assessment. Your child would be gaining on the job experience, whilst earning a wage, and gaining a nationally recognised qualification.

Our pre-apprenticeship programmes mean that your son/daughter will learn the key skills needed to take on an apprenticeship. We’ll make sure that they are work-ready.

Officeworks : specialising in business administration, customer service and IT roles. Our team will work with your son/daughter over 12 weeks to learn key skills and experience before finding the perfect placement.

Construction trades : One of the most unique programmes in Staffordshire, our Homeworks teams carry out real work for businesses across the county. Specialising in painting and decorating, gas and plumbing, horticulture, plastering, bricklaying etc.

Following great attitude, timekeeping and work ethic we match your son/daughter with the right employer so they can start their apprenticeship journey when ready.

Why choose an apprenticeship with PM Training? 

  • No debt as training is fully funded if aged between 16 and 18.
  • You can only apply for university and colleges once a year, whereas you can apply for an Apprenticeship whenever you are ready, 24/7.
  • Gain an industry led qualification in a specialised area.
  • 90% of PM Training apprentice gain employment at the end of their training.
  • By starting their career with PM Training, your child will benefit from an array of support, on-the-job experience and skills that will enable their career to flourish.

Frequently asked questions

You say they will earn while they learn, how much will they earn?

At the start of their Apprenticeships, all Apprentices will earn a minimum of the National Minimum Apprenticeship wage, but many employers often choose to pay more.

Once the Apprenticeship is over, will there be a job waiting for them?

If they have performed well throughout the Apprenticeship, the vast majority of employers will indeed keep an Apprentice on as a full-time employee.

My child is 16 years old so cannot drive yet, how will they afford transport?

Realise charity – support local communities and PM Training have exclusive access to driving lesson grants.
As an Apprentice your son/daughter is entitled to a 16-25 young person’s railcard. This railcard can save you up to a 1/3 off all rail fares, which means big savings when it comes to an Apprentices commute!

Students tend to get a lot of discounts in places, do Apprentices get similar offers?

Yes of course! All Apprentices are eligible to get an Apprentice NUS extra card. The NUS extra card offers discounts in dozens of shops, restaurants and entertainment locations. 

What sort of holiday allowance will an Apprentice get?

As an Apprenticeship is a full-time job, they will get the same holiday allowance as any other Employee.

Download our parents' guide to apprenticeships

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