If you're about to sit your GCSEs but need a helping hand, here are four of the best revision apps to help you get prepared.

Good luck!

1) Revision App (iOS, free)

With more than a million revision notes, flashcards and quizzes covering a wide variety of subjects from the GCSE and AS/A-level syllabuses, the Revision App is the perfect exam aide.

You can tailor the app to suit your needs and study level - simply choose the subjects you’re studying and create individual revision cards with video, text or audio. You can save the cards for future revision sessions and even send them to others for group studying.


2) iMindMap (Android & iOS, free)

If you find it easier to digest information when it's presented visually, iMindMap is definitely the app for you. By digitising the classic revision method, the app allows you to record your notes in the form of mindmaps by turning your phone or tablet into a thought-structuring device.

Use the built-in sketch tool and utilise the limitless workspace for brainstorming ideas, note-taking and organising tasks.

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3) Exam Countdown (iOS, free)

Being able to visualise all of your exams is a good way to ensure you never miss one and can prioritise your revision sessions. Exam Countdown does exactly what it suggests and stores all of your exam dates in one place.

Colour code each date and once the information has been inputted into the app, a countdown clock appears, counting down the days, hours and minutes until each exam, allowing you to get fully prepared.


4) Penultimate (iOS, free)

From the team behind organisational app, Evernote, Penultimate is one of the most popular handwriting apps on the market and makes note-taking easy.

Easy-to-use and perfect for creating revision notes on the go, by using a stylus and writing on your device, the app provides you with the ability to access them from your computer at home, share to others through social media and via email.


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