It's great to be able to look back on your achievements and apprentice Sam Mills can do just that. After landing an apprenticeship with leading retail solutions company, DeeSet, Sam gives us his Top 10 Tips for Apprenticeship success.

Sam's journey started with PM Training and his confidence quickly grew. After receiving a series of free driving lessons he was able to become more independent and quickly impressed employers at DeeSet as part of his work trial which led to him becoming an apprentice with the company.

Sam said: "I'm currently part way through my Advanced Business Administration Apprenticeship with DeeSet, following the successful completion of the Intermediate Apprenticeship last year, and it's going really well.

If I was to travel back in time to my last year of school and tell that really shy person, me - aged 16, just how far I'd come in less than 2 years, I would not have believed it."

Sam continues: "Not only have I gained 18 months of real, full-time work experience, earned a wage and gained qualifications but I have also made lots of new friends and really grown as a person. I am proud of what I have achieved so far and I am feeling positive about the future." 

Sam's Top 10 Tips for Apprenticeship Success are:

  1. Believe in yourself and go for an apprenticeship if you learn better on the job.
  2. Build relationships with your team and others in the business - use your initiative, smile, have a coffee with them, ask what they do and offer to help them.
  3. Listen and learn. You're not a pest, ask questions but learn how to ask, who to ask and when to ask.
  4. Use your initiative and try to problem solve yourself where possible.
  5. Go the extra mile and think how you can go further to impress your employer.
  6. Smile and think positively.
  7. Be a team player and understand the importance of pulling your weight.
  8. Learn and embrace new opportunities and training.
  9. Create a list of questions to go through with your line manager and apprenticeship assessor regularly.
  10. Listen to your assessor and complete as many modules as early on as you can, before your role becomes more demanding.

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