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Rising apprentice Gav Houghton from Aspire Housing knows exactly how an apprenticeship is going to benefit her career.

Gav has recently started a new Housing Apprenticeship Standard with Aspire Housing working in the customer services department, but it all started from knowing what her career path was going to be like leaving school.

Gav said: "I was referred from Haywood Sixth Form to PM Training to start an apprenticeship. I always wanted to do an apprenticeship when I finished school as I liked the idea of being able to learn, earn and work at the same time."

PM Training alongside Aspire Housing helped to pioneer the new Housing Apprenticeship Standard providing a basis for young professionals to develop a career within the housing and management sector. As a leading housing association and proud member of the 5% Club, Aspire Housing has provided Gav with an opportunity to start her housing career.  

Gav continued: "I have completed my NVQ in customer service with Aspire Housing and I am now working towards my Housing Apprenticeship which I will complete by October this year. I really want to progress with Aspire and work my way up to become a Neighbourhood Coordinator. I would love to build my career here as I love the values of the company and the staff are really supportive."

Gav originally contemplated the idea of University and studying for a degree that would lead her into the housing sector and this isn't a dream that has gone away, but one that can be realised in different ways.

Gav said: "I wouldn't dismiss the idea of going to University but I really feel that I would like to use my apprenticeship to pursue a permanent career. I'd like to work my way up and get a University level apprenticeship qualification one day."

This week Gav is supporting National Careers Week and in the future wants to be a 'Neighbourhood Coordinator'.



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